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السلام عليك سيدي ومولاي ياصاحب الزمان ورحمة الله وبركاته
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When our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W informed his ummah that occultation was prepared for the last of his successor , He was asked why. The Noble Messenger S.A.W answered : " For the rescue of not being martyred ".

The aim of the enemies of the Ahlul-Bayt A.S had always been to put an end to the lives of the Masoomeen and so they did. Our 11 infallible Imams were all martyred either through the struck of the sword or by poison. None of them had the chance to die a natural death but was all martyred. When the bloodthirsty kings had coloured their hands with the blood of the 11 infallible Imams there was no doubt that they would also blow out the light of the final Hujjat of Allah. To save the last Divine Authority from being martyred the Almighty Allah protected Him even before His birth and continues to safeguard Him. When the moment of His emergence will come our Lord will send Him as the Saviour of Mankind! Exact when this will happen is only known to Allah S.W.T and no one else.

Ghaybat - A characteristic of the Holy Prophets!

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq A.S has said : "From among us there will be an Imam who will live in occultation whose period will be very long." He was asked why it would be so and the holy Imam answered:" It is the will of Allah that the ghaybat which is one of the characteristics of the Prophets will continue through the Imam-e-Qayam A.S. Therefore the period and the time of length of the concealment of the 12th Imam A.S will be a total of the length of ghaybat of all particular Prophets.

Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S has said that:" The one among us who will be the Qayam will inherit the signs of many prophets. One sign of Hazrat Adam A.S , one of Hazrat Nooh A.S , one of Hazrat Ibraheem A.S , a sign of Hazrat Musa A.S , a sign of Hazrat Eesa A.S , one of Hazrat Ayyoub A.S , and also a sign of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W. The indication connected to Hazrat Adam A.S and Hazrat Nooh A.S will be His long life , next His concealed birth and being beyond the reach of anyone will resemble the life of Hazrat Ibraheem A.S. The sign connected to Hazrat Musa A.S will be the part of ghaybat and the fear of being discovered and martyred. The perplexity about the fact of that He is alive or dead will resemble the doubts of Hazrat Eesa A.S , the sign of Hazrat Ayyoub A.S will be the appearance after trials of the faithfuls and last the sign of the Last Prophet S.A.W will be when Imam Mehdi A.S will reappear with a sword in His hand!

The invisibility of the 12th Imam A.S is not the fault of the Shias or a punishment for their sins. To keep the last Imam hidden is the will of Allah Almighty . Allah has the power of all , if He wish He can turn the face black whenever someone commits a sin but He does not do so and that is because it is against His will. It is the same of His plan and wish of the proper time of the reappearance of Imam Mehdi A.S. If our Lord desire , the advent of Imam-e-Asr A.S can be witnessed today but still this has not happened yet which is a sign of that Allah the Almighty has not given the signal.

It is a clear fact that the opponents and enemies of Islam are continuing to commit sins and vices and there are some among the category of people who have faith in the Imamat of the 12th Imam A.S who are also guilty of many sins. The sad part is that the innocent true faithful momeneen and momenaat are without the directly guidance of Imam-e-Hujjat A.S. But eventhough the holy Imam of the Age is hidden to these people it doesn't jeopardize their trust and faith in His existens. Allah Almighty extends the reward of their waiting and we all should know that our holy Imam A.S will not only guide His followers after His reappearance but they will benefit from Imam Mehdi A.S even during ghaybat as people benefit from the rays of the sun although obscured by clouds.

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1st - Birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir (as) - (57 AH)

2nd - Birth of Imam Ali Naqi al-Hadi (as) - (214 AH)

3rd - Martyrdom of Imam Ali Naqi al-Hadi (as) -(254 AH)

10th - Birth of Imam Taqi al-Jawwad(as) -(195 AH)

12th - Death of Hazrat Abbas ibn-e-Abdul Muttalib - Uncle of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw)

13th - Birth of Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib(as) -(30)

15th - Death of Hazrat Zainab bint-e-Ali(a.s.) - [62 A.H.] 

20th - Birth of Hazrat Sakina bint-al-hussain

24th - Battle of Khyber-(7 AH)

25th - Martyrdom of Imam Moosa al-Kazim(a.s.) - [183 A.H.]

26th - Death of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.)

27th - Shab-e-Mairaj

28th - Start of Journey of Imam Hussain(a.s.) towards Karbala - [60 A.H.]

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