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السلام عليك سيدي ومولاي ياصاحب الزمان ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Please Recite A Surah Fateha For My GrandFather Syed Mustajab Hussain Ibn-e Akhtar Hussain .
(Died On 20 July 2015)


Download latest Nauha 2016-1437 H.



1st - Birth of Hazrat Fatima Masooma-e-Qum(as) - (183 AH)

1st - Peace treaty of Hudaibiya - (6 AH)

5th -Raising of foundation of Kaaba by Prophet Ibrahim(as) and Prophet Ismael(as)

8th - Hajj made obligatory - (8 AH)

11th - Birth of Imam Ali ibn-e-Moosa ar-Riza(as) - the 8th Holy Imam - (148 AH)

23rd -Martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn-e-Moosa ar-Riza(as) - the 8th Holy Imam - (203 AH)

25th - Equability of Earth - Dahwul Ardh

29th - Martyrdom of Imam Mohammad Taqi al-Jawwad(as) - the 9th Holy Imam - (220 AH)

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 Please recite Surah Fatiha For My Grand Mother Late.  Shar-Bano  d/o Late Mohd.Hussain & For My Nana Late. Sayed Ziyaraat Hussain s/o- Late Abul Hassan Zaidi
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