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السلام عليك سيدي ومولاي ياصاحب الزمان ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Wiladat-e-Imam-e-Asr (A.S) 

he holy sister of Imam Naqi A.S and the paternal aunt of Imam Hasan Askari A.S reports the details of the beautiful event when the Imam of the Age was born on the 15th Shabaan in 255 A.H something like this ;

" On the night of 14th of Shabaan my nephew Imam Hasan Askari A.S summoned me when He sent His servant who knocked at my door with an invitation for me to come over to the house of Imam Hasan Askari A.S to break my fast there . Except this invitation I was also informed that this night was the night when Allah was about to send His Final Divine Authority (Hujjat) on earth who would rule over the world as God's Vicegerent. I asked my holy nephew that who of the female servants would give birth to the Final Imam? The holy Imam A.S answered:" Nargis ". But as I couldn't see any signs of pregnancy in her I continued to ask the Imam : " How can this be possible when she shows no indication of conception?" On this the holy Imam Hasan Askari A.S replied :" This is the God's will and Nargis is like the mother of Hazrat Musa A.S protected by Allah so that the enemies will not be able to discover the birth."

Meanwhile I was informed by my holy nephew Janabe Nargis showed up and after offering her salam she sat down in front of me and took of my socks while saying : " My dear Lady of the Holy offspring of the Holy Prophet S.A.W tell me your well-being!" On hearing her soft words of caring I said : " But you are now the Dearest Noble Lady of our Holy family " Janabe Nargis was astonished when she heard this and said : " My dear aunt what are you telling me?" I then informed her what I have just heard from Imam Hasan Askari A.S and said :"My dear this holy night you will give birth to a son who will be the Leader of the world and the Hereafter ". Janabe Nargis blushed as the happy news touched her ears and took a seat.

Thereby after finishing my evening prayers I broke my fast and went to bed. When the half part of the night had passed I woke up for offering Namaz-e-Shab . When I was done I checked Nargis and found her sleeping and still I couldn't see any signs of pregnancy. I continued with my supplications and then I too went to sleep.

After a while I was awakened as I heard the voice of praying and found Janabe Nargis performing her Namaz-e-Shab. Janabe Hakeema relates that :" Still when I couldn't witness any indications then I was perplexed and confused but received a prompt answer by the holy Imam A.S who said:"My dear aunt please don't rush the will of Allah soon the moment of birth is very near". Janabe Hakeema reports that:" When I heard the Imam's comforting answer I recited the Chapter of Haa'Meem and the Chapter of Yaa'seen. In the meantime I was reciting these Chapters of the Holy Quran suddenly Janabe Nargis woke up and hastily came to me and embraced me. As I saw that she was undergoing labour pains I said :" May Allah's mercy be upon you , do you feel the pain of childbirth? She said : Yes my dear aunt I do. I encouraged her and said that: Be strong my child , this is the moment I was telling you about.

Janabe Hakeema relates further: Suddenly I felt exhausted ,tired and fell into sleep when I woke up the birth had already taken place. At dawn on the 15th of Shabaan I witnessed the 12th Prince born in a prostrating position. I covered the newborn star with a cloth and took him in my arms. The 12th Imam A.S was born circumcised and with the navel cord detached also pure and clean just like his forefathers. Thereby Imam Hasan Askari A.S called upon me saying:" Dear aunt! Please bring my son to me." I did as I was told and Imam Hasan Askari A.S took his holy son in his arms , gave his tounge into the mouth of his child and stroke his hands all over the body of his newborn son and then wished to hear him speak. At the command of his holy father Imam-e-Asr A.S spoke that: "I testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) is His messenger." He then continued and named all the infallible Imams one by one and sent blessings upon them all until he came to the name of his own. Imam Abu-Mohammad A.S then commanded his aunt to take his newborn son to his holy mother and said:" Dear aunt now take him to his mother so that he can offer his salam upon her and after that bring him back to me."

Janabe Hakeema goes on to relate that:" I took him to his mother and he saluted her and thereby as I was told to do I brought him back to his holy father. Imam Hasan Askari A.S said to me to come back after 7 days but I couldn't hold my self and just had to visit the holy Imam already the next day. When I was there I hurried to catch a glance of the newborn star and as I slowly pulled away the veil I found the cradle empty. I was worried when I didn't find him and asked my holy nephew of where he was? Imam Hasan Askari A.S answered: "Dear aunt , I have entrusted him to Allah in the same way as Hazrat Musa was entrusted to God by his mother." Janabe Hakeema continues to report that:" On the 7th day when I paid my visit to the holy Imam I offered my salam and sat down before Imam Hasan Askari A.S. The holy Imam told me to bring his holy son . I rose and brought him covered with a cloth and gave him in the arms of his holy father. Imam Hasan Askari A.S repeated his actions as on the moment of his son's birth i.e gave him his tounge in a way like he was nourishing him with honey or milk , he then said to his son:"Now speak". The voice of the prince was heard testifying again that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. After praising the Lord he continued to send blessings upon the names of the noble Imams and stopped when he had praised his holy father hence recited the 5th and 6th verse of the Chapter of Al-Qasas."

It is also reported that Imam-e-Asr A.S was born with the inscription (on his right arm) of the ayat nr.81 of sura Bani Israeel;

" Wa Qul Jaa'al Haqqo Wa Zahaqal Baatil Innal Baatela Kaana Zahooqa" -

"Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away ,Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish."

The birth of Imam Mehdi A.S resembled the birth of Hazrat Musa A.S and had been propheciesed by the Holy Prophet S.A.W , Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A and all the 11 infallible pure Imams. The foretelling of the Final Successor of the Noble Messenger S.A.W who was about to bring a curse to the Abbaside Empire made the evil rulers of Bani Abbas tremble and very eager to know about the birth of the 12th Imam A.S to have him killed. This was the main reason about why the arrival of Imam-e-Asr A.S remained confidential except to a few true devotees of Imam Hasan Askari A.S.

Imam-e-Zamaana A.S came into being at dawn on the 15th of Shabaan in the city of Samarrah (Iraq) which is located on the bank of the river Tigris almost 60 miles from the city of Baghdad. Samarrah is famous of its two holy shrines. One the large golden dome beneath it are 4 graves : 1.Imam Ali Naqi A.S 2. Imam Hasan Askari A.S 3. Janabe Hakeema Khatoon and 4. Janabe Nargis Khatoon. The second shrine is the beautiful turquoise dome which marks the place where Imam Mehdi A.S went into concealment. The first man was Saam bin Nooh who settled down in this area and thereby this place and city was called as Saam Rah or Sarman Raye to be named Samarrah later.

Every year the birth anniversary of our Living Imam A.S is the most rejoicing day of our lives when we feel so close to our Imam of the Age. Of course it is the obligation of an every momin to always remember our 12th Imam A.S and pray for His prompt rearrival as we all are tired of the tyranny and injustice of the world. But together with praying for the Imam's rearrival we should also strengthen our beleif and develop our souls to the highest degree of faith and piety.

We all know that we have a bright future which will come after the Zuhoor of our Living Imam A.S who will put an end to falsehood and bring life to the dead world. May we be able to purify our souls before the emergence and advent of Imam Mehdi A.S , may Allah S.W.T accept our good deeds , keep us firmly on the right path of Islam and may the mercy and blessing of Allah be upon all!

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