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السلام عليك سيدي ومولاي ياصاحب الزمان ورحمة الله وبركاته
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1. After me , the prince and successor of my followers will be Ali Ibne-Abi Talib A.S and the last one to succeed in my progeny will be the Imam-e-Qayam . He will be the awaited one who will fill the earth with peace and justice as it was filled with tyranny and vice.

If there is but one day remained from the life of the earth , Allah will set up a man from my descendants whose name , character and epithet will be the same as mine.

The Mahdi will be one of us and He will lead the prayers while Hazrat Eesa A.S will follow Him.

(The Holy Prophet S.A.W)


2. According to a tradition in the Kafi of Kulini , Jabir Ibne Abdullah Ansaari has said that Fatema Zehra S.A had a tablet on which were inscribed the names of all the Imams and she spoke of the twelve and their names and said that the last one would be the permanent one.

(Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A)


3. He will direct desires towards (the path of) guidance while people will have turned guidance towards desires, and he will turn their views to the direction of the Qur'an while the people will have turned the Qur'an to their views.

(Before this Enjoiner of Good, matters will deteriorate) till war will rage among you with full force, showing forth its teeth, with udders full of sweet milk but with a sour tip. Beware, it will be tomorrow and the morrow will come soon with things which you do not know. The Man in power, not from this crowd, will take to task all those were formerly appointed for their ill deeds and the earth will pour forth its eternal treasures and fling before him easily her keys. He will show you the just way of behaviour and revive the Qur'an and sunnah which have become lifeless (among people).

(Imam Ali A.S ; nahj.balagha khutba nr.138)


4. All among us Imams have been under the regime of the oppressors except the Imam-e-Qayam A.S behind whom Hazrat Eesa Ruhullah Ibne Maryam A.S will pray. Allah has decided His birth to be concealed and chosen to hide Him after His birth so that He would not be under the power of any cruel regime of this world. The 9th descendant of my brother Husain A.S will be the son of a great maidservant and during His occultation His age will be prolonged. But when He will appear He will look less than 40 years old then people will know that Allah has the power over all things.

(Imam Hasan A.S)


5. The 9th of my descendant is the Imam who will stand up for the Truth and through Him Allah will give to the dead earth life and through Him the true religion shall overpower the rest. His period of disappearance shall be a long one during which a great many shall go astray and a few shall be true to their creed and shall suffer for it. For people will say to them : If you are right then tell us when this prophecy shall be fulfilled! For those who have suffered in this cause shall have the same blessing as if they had fought in the company of the Holy Prophet S.A.W

(Imam Husain A.S)


6. The Imamat will proceed through the progeny of Imam Husain Ibne Ali Ibne Abi-Talib A.S and last till the Day of Judgement and among us the one who will be the Imam-e-Qayam will have two periods of occultations. One ghaybat will be longer than the other. The first heavenly concealment will remain 6 days , 6 months and 6 years. The second and final concealment will be so long that most people will withdraw from their beleifs. Only those will stay firm whose beleif and faith will be the strongest , who will know the Truth who will have faith in all that has been said and prophesied by us (The Ahlul-Bayt) and who will have accepted us the Ahlul-Bayt A.S

(Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S)


7. O' Abu Jarood! As the days will pass people will say: How can it be! He can not still be alive. Either is He (the Qayam) dead and gone or has He emerged somewhere else. And those who were thirsty of His appearance will say: It is no use waiting for Him , even His bones may have been decomposed by now. When you witness such circumstances then be aware that His zuhoor is near. And when you hear His call run for His aid though you are forced to crawl on ice.

(Imam Muhammad Baqir A.S)


8. The Imam succeeding me is my son Musa and the awaited Imam is Muhammad Ibne Hasan Ibne Ali Ibne Muhammad Ibne Ali Ibne Musa A.S

Every group of people is waiting for a government and we are waiting for our government to be established at the End of Time.

(Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq A.S)


9. I am the Al-Qayam but the Al-Qayam who will remove the enemies of Allah from the earth and fill it with justice and equity is my 5th descendant. Since He will fear His own life He will be in occultation for a long time during which a group of people will apostate but there will also be a group who will be firm in their belief.

(Imam Musa-e-Kazim A.S)


10. When the poet Da'bal Khazaee recited his poem before the holy Imam A.S and came to these verses:

And verily our Imam shall come out

And will stand by the name of Allah and His blessings

He will distinguish between right and wrong among us

And will give all their rewards and punishments.

The holy Imam A.S wept and then said: Do you know that these verses have been sent to you by the Holy Spirit? Do you know who this Imam is and when He shall stand up? The poet replied that he did not know, but all that he had heard was that there would be an Imam in the line of your holy family who would fill the earth with justice as it was filled with tyranny and vices. The Imam said : O' Da'bal ! After me my son Muhammad A.S shall be the Imam and after Him His son Ali A.S and after Him His son Hasan A.S and after Him His son Al-Qayam A.S., who shall be the awaited one during His period of disappearance and when He shall be revealed all the world shall bow to Him. Even if there will be but one day remained from the life of the earth , Allah will prolong that day so that He can appear on earth and fill it with equity as it was be filled with cruelty.

(Imam Ali Raza A.S)


11. After me my son Ali A.S will be my successor. His verdict , saying will be as the same as mine and you should obey Him just as you obey me. After Him His son Hasan will succeed Him and His actions will be the actions of His ancestors and to obey Him will be the same for you as you have obeyed His holy father. After that the Imam stopped. His follower asked that who would be the successor of Imam Hasan Askari A.S ? Hazrat Abu-Jafar A.S wept a lot and then said : After Imam Hasan Askari A.S His son Qayam the awaited one will be the Final Imam.

When these three names Muhammad , Ali and Hasan pass by in line then the fourth will be Imam-e-Qayam A.S.

(Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S)


12. My successor after me shall be my son Hasan but what shall be your position in the time of His successor? On being asked to explain himself the Imam said: You will not be safe even to mention His name not to say of being able to see Him . His follower asked : Then how shall we mention His name? The Imam said: Just like this; The Hujjat from among the family of the holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

(Imam Ali Naqi A.S)


13. After me my son Muhammad will be the Imam and the Final Divine Authority on earth. The one who will die without recognizing Him will die the death of ignorance. In the time of His disappearance the ignorant will be perplexed , the evil-doers will face eternal damnation and those who will set the time and date of His zuhoor will be telling lies. Then finally He will rise and I can see His white banner on top in Najaf.

(Imam Hasan Askari A.S)


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