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السلام عليك سيدي ومولاي ياصاحب الزمان ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Yasir Hussain Tabatabai Nohay 2013 

  01:Ab Shaam Safar Karna Hay
  Downloads:- 29 Times |   Download
  02:Abbas As Maray Bahes
  Downloads:- 30 Times |   Download
  03:Al Atash
  Downloads:- 17 Times |   Download
  04:Dam Toot
  Downloads:- 7 Times |   Download
  05:Main Shaam
  Downloads:- 8 Times |   Download
  06:Mazloom Hussain as
  Downloads:- 11 Times |   Download
  07:Qatal Hua
  Downloads:- 10 Times |   Download
  08:La Ilaha
  Downloads:- 9 Times |   Download
  09:Baba Main
  Downloads:- 7 Times |   Download

 Noha Khan NameSyed Farhan Ali ( Ali Waris )

01:Fatah-E-Lashkar Ya Ali as
  02:Hai Sakina s.a Akeli Yahan
  03:Karbal Tun Piya Likhda
  04:Labbaik Ya Hussain as
  05:Jo Muhafiz Tha
  06:Aagaya Mah-e-Muharram
  07:Nanha Sa Eik Sar
  08:Maa Aa Gai Hussain as
  09:Wae Abbas a.s
  10:Soldiers of Imam a.s ( English Noha)

Hashim Sisters :

Aey Meri Bahan:Download
haey Karbala VaalonDownload
Mera Naam HaiDownload
Islam MathanDownload
Mera GhaziDownload
Shaam Ki QaidDownload
Saqqa-e-Sakina asDownload
Shabbir Nu Veer ( Punjabi)Download
Lik You oh Hussain ( English)Download

Irfan Haider Nohay 2013
Irfan Haider nohay 2012
 Diya Jalaye Rakhna Hai (10.26)Download
02 Zehra Sani (s.a.) (9.18)Download 
03 Rab Jaane Hussain Jaane (6.03)Download
04 Sakina (s.a.) Ke Taboot Per (8.55)Download 
05 Ya Habib Ya Hussain (Arabic) (6.36)Download
06 Qaafla Aa Gaya (5.58)Download
07 Goonj Rahi Hai Sada (6.26)Download
08 Khudara Haye Khudara (6.54)Download 
09 Sam Pao Sakina (s.a.) - Siraiki Nauha (7.09)Download
  Updated 19.11.2016



1st - Battle of Siffin (37 AH)

3rd - Birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir(as) - (57 AH)

7th - Birth of Imam Moosa al-Kazim(as) - (128 AH)

6th, 8th or 13th - Martyrdom of Hazrat Sakina bint al-Hussain(as) - (61 AH)

9th – Battle of Nahrwan - (38 AH)

17th – Martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn-e-Moosa ar-Riza(as) - (203 AH)

19th - Attack of Abraha on Khana-e-Kaaba with elephants

20th - Arbaeen - Chehlum of Martyrs of Karbala

28th - Martyrdom of Imam Hasan(as) - (50 AH)

28th - Wisal of Prophet Muhammad(sawaw) - (11 AH)

29th - Martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn-e-Mossa ar-Riza(as) - (203 AH) (Second tradition)

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