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السلام عليك سيدي ومولاي ياصاحب الزمان ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Janabe Malika Nargis Khatoon

The story of the Princess of Rome

Related by Bashar bin Sulemaan Ansaari ;

Bashar bin Sulemaan was a near and trustworthy friend of both the 10th Imam A.S and the 11th Imam A.S ,he was also their neighbour in Samarrah. He relates the miracle of Janabe Nargis Khatoon like this :

" One day Imam Ali Naqi A.S sent His servant to call for me. As I arrived in the presence of Imam Hadi A.S I sat down before Him. The Holy Imam A.S said to me: " O' Bashar, you are a descendant of Janabe Ayyoub Ansari who was a disciple of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W . Your family and forefathers have always been those who always assisted and was befriend of the Ahlul-Bayt A.S ,therefore considering you to be the most trustworthy of all I would like to entrust you with an assignment which if you fulfil it your position will be in high ranks among my Shias. This is a secret commission that I am sending you to purchase a female servant."

Thus Imam Hadi A.S wrote a letter in Roman language and sealed it with His seal , He also showed me a red bag with 220 dinaars inside it and said :" Take this letter and this bag and go to bank of the river Euphrates at the appointed day and reach the place before noon. When you will get there you will see some ships arriving carrying prisoners of war. On board these ships will be some slave-girls and to buy them a group of agents and chiefs of the Bani Abbas and a few young Arabs will crowd to purchase them. Stand aside before the slave-dealer Umar-o-bin-Yazid meanwhile he will show a slave-girl who will wear two parts of thick knitted robes and she will refuse to step up to the buyers or to be touched by them. You will see her sitting behind a curtain crying in the roman language of her fear to be unveiled.

The buyers will mark her nobility and purity so they will offer 300 dinaars but this girl will answer them and say that:" Even if you would come as a king like Sulemaan bin-Daoud or similar to him I would never have affection for you. So it would be better if you buy someone else if you don't want to waste your money." The slave-dealer will be confused and say:"How long should I wait , I am compelled to sell you." But she will answer him:"Why this hurry, It is important for me to choose my purchaser to whom my heart accept him as trustworthy and truthful". When you hear her say these words , rise and approach the slave-dealer and tell him that you have a letter in roman language written by a noble trustworthy man. Give him this letter to hand it over to this girl so that she can read it and then make up her mind according to this letter.Tell him that if she gives herself willingly to the writer of this letter then present yourself as my client to buy her."

Bashar Bin-Sulemaan relates that I carried out all the instructions Imam Ali Naqi A.S had given me. When this noble girl received the letter of the holy Imam A.S and read it she burst into tears and then said to Umar bin-Yazid that:" Sell me to the writer of this letter and if you refuse I will surely kill myself." After her approval I talked over the price with the slave-dealer and finally he agreed to sell her for 220 dinaars as much as my holy Imam A.S had given me to pay for her. I gave the slave-dealer the amount of money and the girl was happy to come with me. I along with the girl proceeded towards Baghdad but on our way she was filled with excitement and her face was lightened with joy. She took the letter of the holy Imam A.S from her pocket and kissed it and rubbed it all over her face. As I was amazed seeing all this I finally asked her:"You don't even know who wrote this letter to you but yet you show such joy , happiness and releif upon receiving it?"

The girl answered me:" O' you who haven't recognized the offspring of the Prophet S.A.W. Listen carefully to my story ; I am the daughter of Yashoa who is the son of the Emperor of Rome and my name is Malika, my mother is the descendant of Shamoon (Simon) the successor of Hazrat Eesa. I will tell you the whole story of this miracle :

I was only 13 years old when my grandfather the great Emperor of Rome had chosen his nephew as my lifepartner and was anxious to fulfil this marriage. To this wedding ceremony 300 monks and priests , 700 of the noble ones and 4000 army officers and chieftains were invited to his castle. Now a high jewel-studded throne which carried 40 steps was arranged for the bridegroom. When the nephew of the Emperor was seated on this throne he was surrounded by the bishops and the priests who were there to pay him honour carrying the holy scriptures of Injeel to carry out the wedding ceremony. Suddenly the supports of the throne gave way and the throne with the bride-groom collapsed. The Padres , Popes and all the attendants were shocked at this accident and the Archbishop said to my grandfather that:" O'King exempt us from this wedding-ceremony , this is a sign of the downfall of Christianity."

My grandfather too considered this as a bad sign but still ordered the throne to be set once again and commanded the priests to resume the marriage-ceremony but now with the brother of the bridegroom in hope to accomplish his wish. But the moment they were going to marry us the same accident was repeated. Now the people ran away and the castle was left empty. Feeling sad and destroyed my grandfather rose and went to his private chamber. This night when I went to bed I saw a dream in which Hazrat Eesa A.S accompanied by his successor Shamoon and some disciples appeared at the place where the ceremony had taken place. But instead of the throne I saw that a very high pulpit was arranged at that spot.

Then Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W with his son-in-law and some of His grandchildren entered the castle. Prophet Eesa A.S respectly welcomed the Noble Messenger S.A.W and embraced Him. The Holy Prophet S.A.W said:" O' Ruhullah! I have come on the behalf of my son to propose to Malika the daughter of Shamoon ,your successor and continued:"The writer of this letter is also my son." Hazrat Eesa A.S turned himself to Shamoon and said:" You have been honoured to unite your posterity with the posterity of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W. Upon this Shamoon said:" I accept this auspicious union." After his approval the Holy Prophet S.A.W ascended the pulpit and performed the marriage ceremony for us while the rest became the witnesses of this wedding.

When I woke up I was very afraid to reveal my dream to my father or grandfather in fear that they might kill me. Therefore I kept my dream as a secret to myself but the love for Imam Hasan Askari A.S had set its root in my heart and this made me very weak as I gave up to drink or eat which made me very thin and ill. My grandfather was very worried to see me in this condition and asked every doctor in this city to try their best to cure me but this was all in vain. Finally he came to me and asked me :"O'you freshness of my eyes! If your heart carries a desire then please open it up to me so that I can be able to fulfil your desire in this world." I answered him that:" Wherever I look I find the doors of my cureness and emancipation from this illness closed. But I see that if you can liberate the muslim prisoners then I hope that Jesus Christ and his holy mother Mary might grant me health." When my grandfather fulfilled my request and released the muslim captives I immediately noticed a sign of recovery and my appetite was back.

Of course when I began to feel better my grandfather was delighted with joy and now increased his mercy upon the prisoners and gave them the respect they should get. 14 days later I had another vision , this time I saw Hazrat Fatema Zehra S.A accompanied by Mary daughter of Imran and 1000 Houris (Virgins) of Paradise . The holy mother of Jesus pointed to Hazrat Fatema Zehra S.A and explained:"This is the holy mother of your holy husband Abu-Muhammad". I immediately embraced her and at the same time began to cry and told her how much I longed for to meet her son Imam Hasan Askari A.S but unfortunately He hadn't appeared in my dream yet. Hazrat Fatema Zehra S.A consoled me and said:" My son Abu-Muhammad will not come to see you as long as you will be a Chiristian girl. Look at my sister Mary daughter of Imran she has also stepped forward then if you wish to please Jesus and his mother Mary and if you still want to meet your husband Abu-Muhammad then declare that: "There is no God but Allah and my father is the messenger of Allah". When I testified this Hazrat Fatema Zehra S.A embraced me and I felt very honoured and happy.

Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A assured me saying:"Trust me ,you will meet your husband Abu-Muhammad very soon because I will send him to you." When I woke up I was filled with hope of to meet the one I loved. The next day my wish came true as Imam Hasan Askari A.S appeared in my dream. I opened up my heart and said:" I am trapped in your love but you didn't even pay me a visit." The holy Imam A.S answered:" The reason I didn't come to you was that you were a Christian girl but now when you have accepted Islam as your true religion I promise you that we will meet every night in our dreams till we will be united in real life by the will of Allah." What Imam Hasan Askari A.S said was true, I saw him every night in my dreams.

Bashar asked her:" But how did you came to be among the prisoners?" and she answered him that:"One night I dreamt that Imam Hasan Askari A.S told me that my grandfather was about to send his troops to fight the muslims and that I should join this army and disguise myself along with some other women. Later the dream came true , I did what I was ordered to do and was captured by the muslim guards and the rest is before your eyes. You are the only one who knows now where the princess of Rome is found to be. When I was caught I said that my name was Nargis to hide my real identity and heard that this name was a name of female servants."

Bashar goes on to relate that:"I was amazed that she was a roman girl and spoke Arabic fluently so I asked her how this was possible." She said:" It was the wish of my grandfather that I should also learn other languages therefore he had hired a female teacher who came to me every morning and evening just to teach me the Arabic language and soon I made progress and could speak Arabic fluently." Bashar reports that:" When we reached the city of Samarrah and I brought her in the presence of Imam Naqi A.S , my master asked this girl that:

"Tell me the story of how Allah the Almighty granted you with this honour , saved you from Christianity to be in the favour of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W and His Ahlul-Bayt A.S?" She said politely:"O' son of the Prophet S.A.W! What should I say, you are granted with the knowledge of the hidden and therefore knows the details." The holy Imam A.S said:" I will ask you to choose between two things that I will offer you , 10.000 dinars or glad tidings of eternal glory and honour?" At once the girl answered:" Please honour me with the glad tidings." Imam Ali Naqi A.S then informed her that:"You will be granted with a son who will sway over the world and administer justice after an era of injustice and inequity." The princess asked the Imam who would be the father of this child. Imam Hadi A.S said:" Certain month and date , on whose behalf did the holy Prophet S.A.W ask for your hand and with whom did Hazrat Eesa and his successor unite you with when they conducted the wedding service?" She said:"It was with your son Hazrat Abu-Muhammad A.S". Imam Hadi A.S asked her:"Do you know Him?" and she answered:"The night I converted to Islam in my dream Hazrat Fatema Zehra S.A assured me that I would see Imam Hasan Askari A.S in my dream every night and so I did." Thereafter Imam Hadi A.S ordered His servant to go for His sister Janabe Hakeema Khatoon. When she arrived He said:"My dear sister, behold the princess I had told you about." Janabe Hakeema Khatoon stepped forward and embraced Janabe Nargis and was very happy to see her. Thereby Imam Ali Naqi A.S said:"Binte-Rasool S.A.W! Take her with you and introduce her the tenets of Islam and the religious rituals and services. She is indeed the noble wife of Abu-Muhammad A.S and the holy mother of Imam Qayam A.S."

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